McVill Studios


"The legendary,creative director, head cinematographer, film editor & owner of McVill Studios, Mr.Alpha – Jun EncisoVillaflor."

Inherited the love and passion for the arts, Jun has continued the legacy their father started way back in 1960’s. The next two generations of Villaflors descendants live up to the legacy of the original McVill though in a different course – the McVill Studios, born with the same artistic gene, with the same keen eye for details, passion for hard work to provide quality output.


Spent the last 15 years honing the craft for cinematography and strives to raise the bar in the context of wedding film making, McVill, one of the finest in wedding cinematography here in Albay wants to make films that will make you watch it over and over again. With our main objective of producing a quality work of art, having a wedding film, created fun and pleasant, that you could share with everyone you know.

We, McVills Studios, filming countless weddings locally, and abroad, have mastered the art of capturing beauty and story with just the right balance of technique and instinct and with drama and light-hearted fun. Spent several years teaching cinematography enthusiast with our methods and are proud to say we are considered as pioneers in Legazpi City in our field. We congratulate you as soon as now, for your upcoming wedding, we would be glad to capture beautiful and blissful moments at your most special day. Allow me to check my availability and explain to you how your dream wedding could come into reality. See you soon!


The Beginnings - McVill  

January 16, 1960

The McVills name has long been associated with quality and attention to detail. It began when Mcvills custom tailoring was founded in the 1960’s. The name became synonymous to excellent design and craftsmanship of apparel. For decades, the business prospered.

Then we became Villaflor Videography  


It was unfortunate that the man behind McVill, passed away. But the legacy of McVills remained. Though in a different path, the next two generations of McVill descendants live up to the legacy of the original McVill, born with the same artistic gene, with the same keen eye for detail, passion, and hard work to produce quality output, the next generation of McVill, the ‘Villaflor Videography.

And we were McVill Studios!  

July 2010

Nostalgically, the family decided to reacquire the name ‘McVill’ in memoriam of their parents. Keeping the same keen eye for details, the heart with burning passion and hard work to produce quality output, ‘Villaflor Videography’ is now ‘McVills Studios.’

Looking forward...!  

May 2015

Keeping up with the ever changing world, McVill is now going, globally with their own Web Page to serve and keep up with people around the world most especially Filipinos working/living overseas.!

Meet The Team!

Maria Daryll Belen Villaflor

The loving and very supportive wife of Mr.Villaflor, Mrs. Alpha – Daryll, who’s also the teams’ Screen Writer, Assistant Film Editor and Production Accounting Manager.Cliché as this may seem but this phrase is beyond legit in the case of Jun and Daryll - “Behind every successful man is a great woman.”

Andrew Villaflor

Only child of Mr.Villaflor, the youngest among the team, Andrew – still a student of Aquinas University, Andy is also the McVills Creative Director, Cinematographer and Communications Assistant.

Since childhood, Andy has been exposed to the creative world of his Father. Inspired by Jun, Andy joined the team for the love of cinematography and photography. We can really say talent and passion is in their blood.

Clarkson Lerin Antiquiera

From a curious friend of Andy, Clark has gotten into cinematography through McVill Studios – Clark is now a Cinematographer and a Film-editor of the team.